“Your one-stop shop for all medium and large-scale commercial steel needs.”

CNC Water Cutting


For more than 50 years, we have been your one-stop shop for all medium and large-scale commercial steel construction products, engineering, and commercial project management including quality commercial and industrial steel drafting, fabrication, and erection services for medium to large construction companies. This includes structural and general steel fabrication, posts and frames, welding, and rigging.

We can produce a wide range of custom design profiles using our Intec Waterjet Cutting System. The waterjet can cut almost any material, using maximum cutting speeds, and can cut a total size of 1.5 – 3 metres.

The flexible five axis head is capable of carving elaborate shapes out of 200mm thick stainless steel. This highly accurate machine was used to cut the intricate school insignia for Canberra Girls Grammar School from a plate of solid steel.

This innovative system has many applications in construction and building design and there are many reasons why waterjet cutting is preferable over other cutting methods including:

  • No Heat – There is no heat generated. This is especially useful for cutting tool steel and other metals where excessive heat may change the properties of the material.
  • Clean – Unlike machining or grinding, waterjet cutting does not produce any dust or particles that are harmful if inhaled.
  • Less Wastage – The kerf width in waterjet cutting is very small, and very little material is wasted.
  • Efficiency – Waterjet cutting can be easily used to produce prototype parts very efficiently. An operator can program the dimensions of the part into the control station and the waterjet will cut the part out exactly as programmed. This is much faster and cheaper than drawing detailed prints of a part and then having a machinist cut the part out.
  • Automation – Waterjet cutting can be easily automated for production use.
  • No Burrs – Waterjet cutting does not leave a burr or a rough edge and eliminates other machining operations such as finish sanding and grinding.