CNC Profile Cutting and Bending


Impressive results are achieved through the skilful mastery of our cutting-edge technology. Our in-house machinery enhances our technical capabilities and supports our service offerings enabling us to execute complex projects to an exceptionally high standard.

  • Kraftech High Precision CNC Plasma Cutting Machine (2.6 x 6.2m table)
  • Kraftech X-Calibre plasma coping robot
  • Amada HG2204 CNC Press Brake
  • Technijet 4100-X3 Waterjet Cutting


Waterjet Cutting

We can produce a wide range of custom design profiles using our Intec Waterjet Cutting System. At maximum speed, the waterjet works on most materials and can cut a total size of 2100mm to 4100mm. This machine is capable of carving elaborate shapes out of 200mm thick stainless steel. This system has many applications in construction and building design and there are many reasons why waterjet cutting is preferable over other cutting methods.

Waterjet cutting does not leave a burr or a rough edge and eliminates other machining operations such as finish sanding and grinding. Unlike machining or grinding, waterjet cutting does not produce any dust or particles that are harmful to inhale. As it does not generate heat, this method is especially useful for cutting tool steel and other metals where high temperatures may change the properties of the material.

Plasma Cutting

With an available cutting area of 2.6 x 6.2m the Kraftech CNC Plasma Profile Cutting Machine cuts flat patterns in mild steel plate at high speed & high definition.

Plasma cutting creates less heat stress in the materials compared with Oxy or Flame cutting methods


Plasma Coping Robot

Designed for mass prodcution, the X-Calibre plasma coping robot is made for effciency, precision and productivity. The machine has the capability to process up to 1200 I-Beams, 380PFC, 400 SHS & 200×200 angle with a piercing capacity up to 60mm.


Press Brake

Our high speed and high accuracy CNC operated press brake has the ablitity to bend up to 12mm thick mild steel plate over the 4300mm long bed.