National Museum of Australia

As part of the Museum’s Master Plan to build a bigger and better Museum experience for all visitors, the National Museum of Australia (NMA) created the Great Southern Land gallery experience to display the powerful natural and cultural forces that create and shape life in Australia.

Client Built
Project name NMA Great Southern Land Gallery
Start date May 2020
Completion date September 2021
Contract value $785k


Great Southern Land is the NMA’s most significant gallery development since its opening in 2001.

Our contracted works included traditional concealed structural steel within an existing building, curved architectural structural steel to form the structure for the new external staircase, and the fabrication and installation of a stainless steel/glazed balustrade to C3 ratings.
Working within an existing high-profile building always comes with additional challenges. For this project, the added challenge of stringent dust, noise and vibration restrictions called for dustless technologies and methods while monitoring for any excessive vibration caused by handling and concrete drilling for anchors.
Our work highlights the agility, adaptability and capability of our team who successfully delivered multiple different trades ranging from heavy concealed structural steel through to lightweight architectural structural steel, plate balustrades, glass balustrades, stainless steel handrails and LED-lit handrails.

This project required compliance with Construction Category 3 (CC3), completing works to the highest quality standards for structural steel.


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