Umbagong District Park Pedestrian Bridges

The Umbagong District Park Pedestrian Bridge Replacement project is one that all stakeholders can be proud of. The steel design will far out perform the original timber design.

Client Complex Co
Project name Umbagong District Park Pedestrian Bridges
Start date April 2023
Completion date September 2023
Contract value $1.4m


The Pedestrian Bridge Replacement Project was crucial to allowing the local residents to resume exercising throughout the Umbagong District Park.

When the pedestrian bridges were closed due to safety concerns in 2021 a large section of the popular walk trail was effective cut off with no alternative route available. As the bridges had been closed for several years due to safety concerns an efficient design was paramount to ensure the safety & wellbeing of the community could be maintained.

The new bridges were designed wider than the original bridges to improve access for cyclists, pedestrians, wheelchairs and mobility scooters & following feedback from the community, a lookout with seating was also incorporated into the design on the bridge closest to Latham. The lookout provides an opportunity for the community to sit and enjoy the natural surrounds.

With sustainable practices at the forefront of modern construction, the Umbagong Pedestrian Bridge Replacement project is a solid example on why the ACT construction industry are leaders in sustainable practices.


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